Youth and Agriculture

Happy bean crop1
Beans on farm in Narok

This page for the youth with interests in Agri-business. It is a platform for you to share your experiences in Agriculture, to educate and encourage, even share opinions and discuss issues relating to agri-business.

This is my fourth year in agri-business, and I must say it has its challenges. There are many downs, mainly due to unpredictability of weather. Like we say, Rain is God’s, the other factors are ours. I guess this will remain so because I chose to undertake the conventional way of doing agriculture in the sense that it is not a green house. I should say too that there have been good, very good years. I will share my journey with you, a season at a time. I will tell you the time I planted, the what, why, where and how. I will share photos of crops, weeds, pests and disease infestations/infections, treatment, harvest and sells. I will also share the lessons learnt throughout my journey and how I plan to do things differently.

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