Fun in the Art of Upcycling

The materials I used are cheap and unemployed individuals can make and sell these items, investing as little as 500ksh as start up capital. The materials can be used for decorative, as well as utilitarian purposes in a household. Schools can involve children in such projects, as they are easy to make and highly informative. . . . → Read More: Fun in the Art of Upcycling

Environment Today

The global environment is changing at a rate never seen before. With the human population already at seven billion and still continuing to expand, especially in Africa, Asian countries and Latin America, things cannot remain the same. Our urban centres and cities are suffering from overcrowding as more people are moving to towns to seek . . . → Read More: Environment Today

Omondi Olonde – environmental images

A holder of a Diploma in Graphic Design, Omondi enjoys expressing himself in a variety of styles all based on realistic interpretation of our world. Major areas of interest include cartoons and caricature, graphic art and illustration as well as painting. Art history and poetry also play substantial roles in his art.

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KENYA-SOMALIA: Hungry for learning in Dadaab camps

It is very difficult to manage a high school on a zero budget . . . → Read More: KENYA-SOMALIA: Hungry for learning in Dadaab camps

AFRICA: Going rural and green

Africa’s Rural Futures (RF) programme, an initiative of the African Union’s New Partnership for Development (NEPAD) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), sets out plans to boost rural development, and is an attempt to adapt to the impact of climate change. . . . → Read More: AFRICA: Going rural and green